create magazine online

Create magazine online

Who wouldn’t be happy if they are featured on a cover magazine? The excitement that comes with it is immense. If you want to feel like a celebrity, then no need to worry. There are plenty of websites out there which allows you to be the cover of your own online magazine, so lets start and create online magazine.

Have a look at the following top sites that will strike what you fancy.


FakeAzine avails you with an opportunity to be a star on more than a hundred magazines. All you are required to do is upload an image and make adjustments like zooming it in or out. You can also drag it as per your requirements and make changes to the background color. After everything is finished, you get a code to assist you in sharing the magazine cover over any forum and social media networks.


This free online magazine maker tool that lets you create magazine cover online has more than 20 choices for your favorite picture. First make an upload of the photo and then select the cover that you prefer. It is as simple as that! The biggest advantage with it is that you have over 9 languages at your disposal.


This is another great option to consider if you are after creating a personalized cover magazine for yourself. You have titles such as Make Up, More, TIME, Vogue and much more to pick from. Just select your favorite cover and upload the relevant image. Having done that, drag the image, resize it or crop as needed so as to fit in the magazine perfectly.


This is also a good option to consider if you want to start an online magazine. It has a dropdown menu that is meant to ease things for you. The categories section has listed magazine covers. They include: web, player, business, hiphop, travel and fashion among others.


It is an online service that gives you the ability to manipulate your magazine cover by adding funny faces, creating a postcard, drawings, adjusting the photos and also frame your images. It goes against the norm where only a generic photo is featured. Your image is incorporated with real life settings. Your status is therefore elevated further.


Here, you have several options that you can select when uploaded your photo. The upload can be done from the computer storage, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr. In addition, you can pick your magazine layout, date of publication, tagline and title with this tool. Moreover, a postcard can be created using the same tool.


When you want to create magazine online, and cover for that online magazine this tool has several features that you will find helpful. You have the ability to design Facebook covers, make your face look funny, integrate interesting photo effects. The magazine choices are limited but great ones like Forbes, Vogue and Maxim are featured.


The service offered here can be compared to that on FakeAzine discussed earlier on. the method of operation is similar; upload your picture of choice, select the cover template and save. And there you go! You magazine is well set to be used.

Funny Photo

The e-magazine software gives you the opportunity to make several photo effects, collage templates, frames, and postcard. Your image is enhanced as you enter into the world of stardom. To top on it, there is a photo editor which you can use to retouch a photo before you use it. Numerous magazine covers are featured, including the modern ones.


And there you have it. You can use any of the above 9 sites to create you own magazine online and cover for online magazine. and see yourself on the page of top magazines.

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