Happy New year to you all (well almost)! With each New Year comes new ambitions for self-improvement.  Hands up who has a gym membership from last January they never used? It’s tough to get down the gym, as I know all too well, but it doesn’t need to be so tough to get your eZine publications in shape for the New Year with this free online magazine maker.


Here are my top 5 ‘work out’ tips for all you online publishers out there, to make sure your publications look and feel great:

Publish your eZine with a website you love!

It’s a New Year so it’s the perfect time for a new start. You have to choose your online publisher wisely, it’s like choosing who you date, kind of?

Even if you have already decided to use a certain website as your online newsstand, there is no harm in looking around, again, kind of like dating! (I really hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this!)

I did some research recently and I discovered a website that I think is probably the best platform for publishing eZines.

Change is as good as a holiday remember and sometimes it’s good to mix things up a bit and a new year is a perfect opportunity.

You can try them out for yourself; I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The reason I like using this software so much is that they have never let me down, my eZines look perfect and it’s totally free. After all the effort you go to, isn’t it only right that you chose an online distributor who works just as hard as you do?

Make new friends and make more money

You spend so much time and put in so much effort bringing together your E-magazines that just putting them ‘on the shelf’ on the single platform is not doing them or you justice.

You have to use all the potential of the internet to your advantage.  You need to make it work for you, but please don’t be scared, don’t be daunted.


With the free account, you can just simply embed your magazines directly onto the social sharing platforms that you like to use, you can embed the eZines into WordPress pages, and in fact, you can share them pretty much everywhere without any hassle.

Why not, spread your net a little wider. The more you’re liked and shared the more new friends and readers you are likely to get.

All this means you can start enjoying bigger readership groups and also your advertisers if you have them, will appreciate you so much more…which means more business for you and potentially more money.

Bring video into your eZine

The written word is absolutely key to eZines and the time you spend creating and writing your copy, the writers that you employ to do the work with you, and the time spent correctly forming your tone are all important to your brand and your success.

However, it’s a New Year and time for you to take the next step in eZine publishing, and it’s really simple, trust me.  Today, readers want diversity in how they engage with your content, they want different ways in which to absorb the information you share with them.

I would strongly suggest you add, where you can, video and large clear modern images. Videos these days do not need to break the bank, as you can use your smartphones and just take minutes or you can share other people’s videos and films that suit your editorial (with permission of course!).

Just mixing up the content could be the difference between keeping a reader engaged with your magazine or not.  So my suggestion is to start making little films today, the diversity of content will make your magazine more engaging you will get more readers, it’s that simple.

You can be guided through simple steps to add a video to your eZine without any fuss and you do not need any additional technical know-how, they do it all for you for free.

Ask for help and make sure you get it.

This may sound silly but soon as you move into online publishing you could spend hours if not days bogged down in technical glitches, furiously staring at your computer, willing it to just work!

The issues can mount up, coding issues, uploads that don’t download, installing bugged applications, Windows 10 being Windows 10 (don’t get me started on that!). You name it, something could go wrong.


When you choose your online publisher for your eZines please make sure you get all the help you will.

You want a website service that will help you, not make life harder.

I get 24hrs support – just great!

They are kind, friendly and most of all incredibly good and fixing any issues I have, or even better yet, they pre-empt any problems for me so most publishing issues are avoided.

Don’t get stuck in the past

Just because you’re publishing eZines online, this does not mean that you have the cutting edge of publishing. Remember it is competitive to get eyeballs online.

You must always keep on top of the developments in publishing and one thing that is key is that you must have a magazine that is optimized for as many different devices as possible.

The way people enjoy and use the internet has changed and your eZines need to keep up with a change to make sure that, when you publish your magazine, it’s ready for mobile, tablets, and desktops. A non-responsive eZine is worse than sending out your articles by fax…remember those?!

Follow these 5 simple tips and you will have the best looking and functioning eZines out there.

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