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When you start to publish your online magazines, and use online magazine maker tools, you do also hear about free online magazine creator tools to use, instead of paid services of an online magazine creator. But the problem is how to get everything done in a satisfying manner with a free version. In case you or your organization have the plans of starting all this with a free online magazine maker, you need to be aware of several factors that concern many of the free programs.

Under normal circumstances, open source software is required to be free. It is something that any person can manipulate and then redistribute it since the source code should be freely available. The caveat here is that the same source code can be altered and then sold commercially. Some of the available are the Gimp, which is a variant of Photoshop, and, an alternative for Microsoft office.

Despite the availability of the free tools for digital publishing, what makes people to use the commercial versions and spend a lot of cash on the versions that aren’t free? You will be surprised to learn that free-software may turn out to be more expensive than the commercial one.

Things to be considered before using free online magazine maker

Free online magazine maker often lacks reliability

One cannot fully put their trust in free e-magazine software. Yes multinational companies champion for the free ware but the financial motivation behind them is not there. Therefore, the discipline in the field is minimal and the development is dependent on emotion. When doing the installation, it is up you to figure out everything like the installation without affecting your hard disk. You will not get help manuals and documents for software that is ever-changing on a weekly or monthly basis.

High costs of installation sometimes

Many people have developed the misconception that if you switch to open source software, you will save money. However, that is not the case. Let’s say for instance the newly installed free software harms your hard disk and wipes off valuable data. You will have to purchase a data recovery tool, making the whole process costly.

The other problem is that the magazine creator software may not be compatible with most modern devices. We have seen situations where documents on modems failing to be uploaded on the magazine maker.

Getting technical support can also turn out to be expensive compared to commercial software. People who support you in using the free software are after making lots of money. In any case, this is the main revenue model for the development of the free system.

You may not get updates

Remember you have not made any payments for the free software and thus no one will be much concerned with providing regular updates. You will end up using an old version that lacks important modern features. How will that affect you? Well, the bugs that were in the initial version will continue to haunt you until you make the decision of uninstalling. That leaves you exposed to regular breakdowns of the system. You can imagine trying to generate a magazine using a platform that is ever breaking down.

Often lack of support for the free online magazine maker

When using an online magazine maker software for free, you won’t get any support from the product owners and support team. It is true that the internet has much assistance and some self-motivated forums are available that can take you through the installation. But, all that is not that professional help.

It is not my intention to poor cold water on free software. Agreed, commercial software can prove too expensive for some people to afford it. So some buggy software ends being an alternative instead of having none.

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