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We have all come across these magazine layouts that have left us awed by the amount of creativity behind them. It is these outstanding layouts that have attracted more readers to read the great content on the e-magazine.

As it is always the norm, people are first attracted by the great appearance before they can even go ahead to read in details. A magazine layout maker is attributed for seeing to it that this happen. The following is a description of the top features that should be contained in a free online magazine maker.

Some of the popular magazine layout maker software

InDesign CS6

This is a magazine layout maker that you will find helpful when creating magazine layout for iPad without having to write any code. It answers most of your digital publishing needs because it has outstanding features and access to a rich set of tutorials from the library.

The software simplifies the process of combining graphics and text and makes a great layout on the page. It is possible to keep tabs on each and everything that is happening by use of the preflight checklist feature. You get a vast experience on the application. The many features and tools allow for an extended learning curve.

The main demerit with InDesign is that learning how to use it proves to be a challenge, especially if you are new to the platform.

PagePlus X7

The most striking feature about this magazine maker layout is its affordability. Its interface is also user-friendly. The platform has been designed by Sarif and its effectiveness will surprise you. There are options that you can use to design 3D sales charts and make a well organized workspace. The page layout software is easy-to-use. However, it lacks some powerful features like the ability to design apps and QR codes. A publisher with a tight budget will still find the software very much helpful.

QuarkXPress 9

This is great magazine maker software to go for while considering the magazine maker layout. Both the brochures, books, magazines and newspapers layout will be well set on this application. There are features like ImageGrid and callouts that you can include in your e-Books and digital magazines for the tablets and other mobile devices. Its main feature is the automation of layout.

Audio, Flash and video files as well as PSD documents are supported.

The con is that you are not able to export your project in the e-Pub format and do the combination later on. It is a requirement that you do the exportation at once.

CoralDraw X6

The X6 exceeds the notion of it just being page layout software. it adds you with features like screen capture, photo editing and creation of websites. All these are combined to empower the layout capabilities of the tool. The many features allow you to create layouts that you can imagine of. Some of the files supported are AI, PUB, PDF and PSD.

Since the software is vector-based, you are required to create your graphics by use of lines. The pre-loaded graphics are as well limited.

The Print Shop Professional

Those intending to do self-publishing will find this tool to be a powerful one. It is an easy-to-use magazine maker layout with you can create complex designs within a simple work space. The templates contained in it have earned the platform a ticket to this list. You need no special training for you to use the software. The buttons are well labeled so as to ease the navigation.

However, you are not able to make apps and generate QR codes within the software.

There is also some software like the MS Publisher that borrows some features from Microsoft Word. The similarity makes it an easy-to-use platform even for the beginners. However, the number of templates is often limited using such kind of software.

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