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Technology has made it possible to create flipbook publications using an online magazine creator. There are so many of them available for publishers and individuals, but selecting the best free online magazine maker is not that easy. In the following you can find some of the most important features you should consider before using or purchasing any flipbook software.

HTML5 Technology

This is the latest HTML version, a language of the web. It is required to build responsive web applications that will look great on any screen size. The flash and HTML5 technology allows all the users on iPad, iPhone, Android and any other mobile device to enjoy a world class digital experience.

Support of Mobile Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android devices

A top online magazine creator should convert PDFs to digital flipbooks that can be viewed on Mac or PC as well as on any mobile device like iPhone, iPad, tablet or Kindle with ease.

Optimize the performance for view on iPad

The cutting edge HTML5 technology makes it possible to view the flipbook on iPad in a superior manner. This consists of unique zooming powers, slider view and flipper view. Let your readers enjoy the reading experience!

Ability to Customize Reader Toolbar

One of the main advantages of digital publications is engagement of the audience. This can be achieved by making the navigation toolbar to have full features such as ability to bookmark, search, share, download, and crop, print, mute and zoom. Great software gives you unlimited customization of the navigation toolbars.

Analytic Reports

Get statistical reports from your readers such as their reading habits, how long they stay on a page and the links they click on how. Keep a well maintained data on the total number of visitors/viewership you have on a daily basis. This turns the digital publication into a powerful marketing tool. You will also be able to know the sites from which they visit you mostly, as well as the search engines that they use to get to you. An e-magazine creator can avail you with details about the geographical distribution of your readers in terms of language.

Share on Social Media

Who can deny the information sharing capabilities that innovations such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social networks have given us? We have shifted from 24-hour news to 24-second news. Sharing your magazine publication helps you attract more readers, translating to more ads.

SEO Friendly Online Magazine Creator

Your publication will only rank high in search engines if the content is findable and indexed. You need to use a publishing software that automatically makes your content accessible to the public. For guaranteed visibility on the search engine, you should be able to include the pages to your blog, sitemap and website.

Guarantee security

Integrating a log in system to your online magazine creator software makes it possible to protect using a password. That will control how it is accessed in all devices such as tablet, laptop, desktop and any mobile device. Protect your flipbook publication from privy eyes. Only those you share with the password can be able to carry out any kind of edition.

Rich Audio, Video and Media

Embed audio, animations, clips and videos from Vimeo/YouTube so as to get a full interaction with your readers. Also, edit the background audio as well as video/image pop ups.

Integration of ecommerce

Use an online magazine creator that allows you to create unlimited links. It will be possible to click on shopping environment. The software can then make the linking process an automatic one, saving you lots of hours and energy. Just from your catalogue, readers will be able to shop and will also get a shopping cart where they can add an item.

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