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How can you invest in the future of your magazine? Is it possible to keep it alive and running for a long time? Let’s go through some factors that you have to consider when deciding whether to create digital magazine or use the print one.

You get a lot of tactile experience when it comes to print publishing. You are able to fold page corners so as to mark favorite articles, flip from page to page, and cut a newspaper clipping and much more. The challenge is that forgetting is so often here.

Many people love the glossy papers. But without any doubt digital is our reality. It is therefore important for the publishers to keep their content alive as a way of investing in the future of the magazine. Should you go for print? Should you switch to digital magazines and use a free online magazine maker? Read through to meet the pros and cons of each.

Pros of print magazines

Lifetime ownership

The most undeniable thing about a glossy periodical and magazine is that it remains yours forever; depending on limits that you set. You have the ability to hoard, borrow and lend. Everything you do is subject to the limits set by you.

Sensory experience

Research has shown that physical interaction with the reading material enables one to retain more knowledge of it. One can write notes, thumb through pages and mark key words. Innovation is being made in the digital world to replace all that.

Payment is easy

A bigger percentage of people still purchase depending on impulse. When you are just up and about in the market, road streets or in a bookshop, many readers make a low-commitment purchase. They easily grab a magazine which is more convenient.

Cons of print magazine

Difficult to keep up

With the emergence of social media, it has become a challenge even for the largest print houses to keep up with breaking news. What we used to call the 24-hour-cycle news is now 24-second-cycle news.

Readers require full details about any news

Instant videos, visuals, info graphics and dispatches are in high demand by the readers. Inserting a video in a print magazine is impossible. Print alone cannot fully satisfy the readers.

Feedback is limited

After your print magazine has been published, it has hard for you to get full thoughts of your readers about the content. Of course some will write a short line such as a comment. But will you know things like the time they spent on the article? Did they skip any feature? These are the kind of features that assist you to develop appealing content. You will never get them if you do not have a digital site.

The pros if you create digital magazine

Start a discussion

The digital distribution of information has given most people an opportunity to openly debate over key issues.


With no doubt, if you create your own magazine in digital version of the print one, you give your viewers a wider chance to participate. The videos and links included are some of the ways in which they can do so.

Achieve higher engagement levels

Provide someone with a print and he will go through it once. Give the same person an iPhone App and he will regularly go through it.

Flexibility with adverts

When you start to create digital magazines, you open opportunities for digital advertisements to start. Numerous ads can also be served just at a single point.

Instant feedback

Readers are able to send to you their immediate reaction on a given published content. You equally do not have to wait for ages before you can answer back. The distance between you does not hinder at all.

However, some of the demerits of digital publishing are: online plagiarism, optimization costs as well as short periods of attention when doing it wrong.

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