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As the number of tablets, smartphones and e-Readers continues to rise; you should not limit your audience. Use this free online magazine maker software to create an appealing content for everyone and make it accessible anywhere.

The following is a review of the available top 3 tools. Their pros and cons have been included so as to help you make a better choice for yourself.

Google Currents – Magazine maker software

Google Currents as is easy as drag-and-drop. It is a self service platform that publishers will find helpful. As you make the publication, you get a simulator for iPhone, iPad, tablet or Android. Articles can be imported from Google Docs, images uploaded as well as create RSS feed sections and a Google+ page. One thing you have to be aware is that the final product will take the look and feel of most aggregated news apps. If that is fine with you, you will appreciate the contents.


If you are a newbie and yet to get a well established budget, Google currents is a great place to start with the digital publishing. The in-built simulators can allow you to have a quick glance of the look-and-feel of the platform.


Some people find the system to be unintuitive. Some output formats will support created sections and fail in others. Debugging can also prove a challenge. You are also limited on the effects you can have on the theme, output and styling.


This framework is based on JavaScript and assists you to create a layout that is paginated and has the HTML5 and CSS3 magazine style. It is intuitive to navigate the Treesaver digital magazine creator software. The responsiveness of the final magazine is great and fits on any screen size correctly.


The format assumed by this platform is more or less to that on most commuter trans. Swiping and quick change of pages is more intuitive than scrolling and attempting to remain on the right pace. If you just “swish,” you will be able to read through the articles quickly.

Its responsiveness also assists an image framework is downloaded by any given device in the best dimensions possible. Why is this cool? It will not be a requirement that images are the same and that is powerful for the advertising segment.


The platform lacks centrally placed content management software and this consumes a lot of time while building content by hand or designing a system that will generate the required content. Plug-ins is available for DjTreesaver and EESaver. You also get boilerplates and templates.

The Baker framework – digital magazine maker software

This is an e-Book framework that has been built on HTML5 and observes the web standards. The digital platform lets you create the digital publication as a collection of JS, CSS, HTML and image files. If you need to create an iOS application, drag-and-drop into a folder that has a customized book. One of the outstanding features include the Github page that assists you know the supported format and the one not supported.


Many people are making use of the framework since the App Store has many books and magazine created in Baker.

The latest version supports the Newsstand segment by Apple. It is therefore, possible to make your content available in Newsstand by default.


As much as Github page has several sample HTML book files that you can download, very little has been said about what you can do with them.


What is the way forward? Clear answers are yet to be provided for problems like pagination and scrolling when using digital magazine maker software. Interactive content for education is exciting for many people, but the effectiveness is yet to be clearly defined.

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