Nobody really likes trying anything new and change is hard for us all. As an adult I always feel so embarrassed when I can’t do something. That was why I think I never tried publishing an E-Journal before, I stuck to print, too scared that I would not be able to do it. Well, I was an idiot! It turns out it’s very easy to do with this special free online magazine maker.


Don’t be scared, online publishing is a breeze!

I was able to publish successfully in a matter of minutes.

I’m usually so slow to pick things up online. I’m old fashioned sometimes, I like to sit with someone and be taught – which seems crazy as I write for a magazine that focuses on modern living!

I was always trying to justify myself to my friends and my colleagues saying “Oh, but print magazines feel so special and look so beautiful!”

I knew I was kidding myself, I knew there was space for both print and digital and I just needed to grow up and get on with it…but where to go for help, who could teach me?

E-Journal – It`s as simple as 1,2,3

When I created my first online magazine I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. I had, for the first time, taught myself something online and it had been far more fun than I had expected and far easier.

I had been so scared of the change and of learning new skills that I had created my own ‘online publishing’ monster in my mind, but it really was as easy as 1,2,3. It was this simple because I had support all the way, from the beginning to the end.
No one goes into a project without a little online research these days, so I did what anyone would do and I Googled “publishing E-Journals”.

I got flooded with options and I waded through a few duff sites (believe me there are some clangers out there!) until I found one that stood out.

There was, and still is, something about the site and its services that I love. Its tone is kind, the navigation is simple and the costs are ZERO! Now I publish more than I have ever done before.

I still love what I do in print and it’s still the core of my work, but with my online E-Journals the options to explore a topic and experiment with it are greater than in print format. To simple write, edit and then publish it – well that is such a buzz for me.

The content I create is always fun for me to work on (come one, we all have to love what we publish, or we wouldn’t do I, right?!) and now I can make as many online, unique publications that I can find the time to create. It’s a revolution for me and the magazine. Get up those Google rankings with free SEO.

If it all sounds a little bit too good to be true then you won’t believe me when I say that usability of site is only one of the benefits, the tip of the online publishing iceberg! has many more features then I can list here, if I was you I’d spend a few minutes checking out there service for yourself.

All of the service they offer can turn any publication into a marketing bods dream! I have two favourites that I think are super. Firstly, I love love love the SEO benefits. The free package that I get from them has giving me such a terrific boost online.

My Google rankings have sky rocketed and so have the sales of my print magazine.

Because the E-Journals have been optimised for search engines, like Google, people find my magazine and its articles easily and that is not only great for the sales, the advertisers in my magazines are as happy as can be.
The second thing I love from the free package is how social it’s made me. Not at work with real people you understand, I’m still terrible in groups!

This has given me the option to also share my publications across multiple social media platforms.

Whereas before I was always struggling to update Facebook for the magazine or think of a witty tweet, I now just link the magazine directly to a tweet or embedded it into the Facebook page and ta da! It is being shared and it is being liked.

I’m being constantly praise for the work that the magazine is doing and receiving thanks from the writes of the articles we feature. I know that online publishing can be and will be a success for you. I know that you will enjoy it, learn from it and grow from it.

I know this software offers great service and benefits and I know this all because I have rolled up my sleeves and given it a go. I faced my fear of the ‘online’ monsters’ and realised that there I nothing to be scared of, only so much to gain.

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