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It is very possible to turn your static PDF magazines to something more interactive with each online publication. You can add audio, video as well as flash animation to it. That will earn you more visitors and improve your advertisement ability. Read through to learn more. Today we are going to explore the amazing secrets of magazine creator software.

Make unlimited digital magazines with the right magazine creator software

Take your print digital! Add life to your PDF magazines by creating a stunning digital version of the same. Reach a wide audience, across all sorts of devices. Magazine creator software lets you convert any number of PDF files to an interactive digital magazine whose pages can flip and animations as well as sound be added!

All you need to do is make importation of your PDF document into the interface of the software, include a video, any link, Flash, gallery of image and create your own magazine. Moreover, you need not be a programmer to do all these.

Use multimedia to engage your readers

Do you need a flipping publication from your PDF document without having to go through much trouble? You are able to achieve that with free online magazine maker software. to add on it, videos from YouTube and other music websites can be embedded in it.

Have an engagement with your readers through rich media elements and deliver inspiring experience through the reading process across platforms. Make it possible for the readers to scroll, tap, click and swipe any content anywhere in the e-magazine for better browsing options.

Supported by touch devices

The software is built in such a way that HTML5 supports it. The online publication is suitable to be used on tablet and mobile as well as Mac and PC. In other words, any screen supports it. They will work perfectly on Android devices, iPhone and iPad. The mobile users are given an outstanding reading experience.

Upload the magazine to the cloud server

Magazine creator software has powerful cloud publishing abilities service. What this means for the non-tech gurus is that they need no special knowledge of online upload tools such as File Transfer Protocol to make cloud uploads. The magazine creator server can be used to store any flipping book, ensuring that security is enhanced. You need not worry about cyber threats by hackers. Copyright is also guaranteed.

In most cases, you will be provided with a code snippet that you will copy into your website. It is possible to embed the magazine into any given amazing website, just with that code. World viewers are able to view the magazine as though they are some few meters from you.

Have a deeper understanding of how your  magazine is performing

Get a detailed insight of the behavior of the readers by use of Google Analytics. You will be able to access information such as  how many times the page has been viewed, how long a visitor spent on the page as well as the links clicked and much more. By having information on the performance, you can be able to optimize the advertising benefits. It also allows you to come up with content that is appealing to your audience.

It is the simplest way to know who your audience is, the content that anchors well with them and any attractive additional that can be included in the magazine and earn more visits. You will be able to distribute content that is of high quality and inspiring, thereby bringing on board more clients and customers.

Summary of magazine creator software magical effects

In conclusion, the online magazine creator software will include the following: touch support, multi-media support, page flipping effect, publish anywhere, traffic analytics and social media sharing.

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